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There’s one of us near you – wherever you are in the UK!


When we say there’s one of us near you, we mean it! We already have nearly 2,000 independent garages across the UK confirmed as Trust My Garage (TMG) members which means that the decision where to take your vehicle for a service or repair has never been easier.

Whether you are in the busy streets of London or Manchester, or a little farther away from the hustle and bustle of city life in the Yorkshire Moors, a Trust My Garage member will be nearby to provide you with a professional and honest service at the right price. Just type your postcode into our garage finder and we will locate your nearest TMG approved garage.

Take the small village of Bellingham as a case example. It is located north-west of Newcastle, and has a small population of just a few thousand villagers.  You would think that reliable and trustworthy garages would be hard to come by, but they do have a Trust My Garage member nearby!

One of the latest garages to join Trust My Garage, Bellingham Garage Services may seem like just a normal garage to most, but to local residents it has been a remarkable reminder of a much valued community resource.

The Garage has provided the village’s only petrol pump and one of two MOT testing stations for the last 15 years, but it went into decline when the previous owner reached retirement. The garage was at risk of closure and the local community faced losing the only nearby resource keeping their vehicles on the road.  A new owner turned the premises around by investing in a £60,000 refurbishment which transformed it into more modern premises.  Once back on track, the garage was then accepted onto Trust My Garage.

Today the garage is a far cry from the state it was in before being taken over a year ago. The run-down forecourt shop, which operated a manual cash till and produced handwritten receipts, is now a modern community store, equipped with the latest technology. New offices have been built onto the back of the workshop and a new, spacious and attractive reception/MOT viewing area has been built, complete with double glazed sliding doors.  This allows visitors to safely see the work being carried out on their vehicle in the workshop next door. Plans are already place in purchase an additional petrol pump and Bellingham Garage Services has already had an electric car battery charger installed on site. A drive from Manchester to Edinburgh takes 110 miles but electric vehicles only have the capacity to travel 100 miles without a recharge, so this provides another important service to nearby commuters.

We have worked with the new owner throughout the entire regeneration process and have helped him not only restore a vital community service to Bellingham, but to create a garage that local residents are proud of and happy to entrust their vehicles to.

This is just one example of a Trust My Garage member in an isolated location and there are many more. If you type the postcodes for any of the more isolated areas of the UK, such as Bodmin Moor, Dartmoor, Exmoor, North Yorkshire, the Pennines or the Lake District into our postcode finder, we will find you a nearby Trust My Garage member.

So next time a warning light flashes up on your dashboard in the middle of nowhere, your engine starts grumbling in the middle of the countryside, or you breakdown on the moors, remember there is one of us near you. Just type your postcode into our garage finder to find your nearest member.