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We are doing our bit to help women get to grips with their cars

Are you a female driver? Are you carrying out basic maintenance checks on your car? A recent survey that we conducted found a staggering 67% of female drivers do not do something as simple as check their brake fluid levels and just under half don’t check their oil levels as often as they should.

One of our members in Ashton is doing its bit to help women better understand their vehicles, and is offering vital training to female drivers, demonstrating how to carry out basic car maintenance checks.

GuideBridge MOT & Service Centre has been a TRUST MY GARAGE member since we launched the independent scheme. A family-run garage, it has earned a reputation as the most ‘female friendly garage in Ashton,’ thanks to the extra care and considered approach it takes towards making female drivers feel at home when they take their vehicle in for a service, repair or MOT.

Jan Lord, Business Development Manager at GuideBridge tells us more…..


Guide Bridge MOT & Service Centre is managed by three ladies who each have a different role to play. We are all drivers ourselves so we understand the issues that female drivers face. I work behind the scenes on marketing and Fleet Management, Nicola is our Garage Manager, and we also have our receptionist, Lauren.  

A large proportion of our customers are women; there is around a 70:30 split and I think this is because we have female faces in the garage which makes female drivers feel more at ease when entering a garage environment.

As women, we understand that it can be bewildering when it comes to car maintenance and repairs. This is exactly why we have developed a process of educating and supporting female motorists in our area – to make them feel relaxed and confident with their own my garage 26

We hold regular workshops for women to teach them the basics about car maintenance. It’s hugely popular and we have helped women from all walks of life. We’ve had women from 17 years-old all the way to 79 years-old, and a group of women from the Women’s Institute also attend regularly. We encourage the female drivers who join our course to imagine what it would be like when faced with a real life breakdown and teach them how to react in these situations. We had one lady attend once in a tight short skirt and stiletto heels. Why? Because this is what she would likely be wearing in the event of a breakdown as she uses her car to travel to social events!

We usually teach around three ladies at a time, and advise them to come in with their own cars so that we can go over everything that they need to know to keep their cars in good condition. This includes; what certain buttons do on their dashboard, why there are different lights on a dashboard, how to change wheels and windscreen blades, and checking all fluids. They always go away feeling more confident should they ever experience a break down because they have learned how to act in these situations.

Because of our considered and educational approach to female drivers, more of our female customers are pro-active in addressing any initial problems with their cars, which is saving them money in the long term. They only visit us when they are due a regular service, need a repair or for their MOT. I think women tend to worry about situations where something goes wrong, out of their control, which is why a proper education is essential. We are providing this education to give them peace of mind on the road.”

About GuideBridge MOT & Service CentreGuidebridge

GuideBridge is a family-run business providing MOTs, car servicing, and vehicle repairs in Tameside, for both private motorists and fleet operators. It was established in 2003, and is lead by Derek Lord who has over 40 years experience in the motor trade.

As a proud TRUST MY GARAGE member, GuideBridge will be attending the annual Greater Manchester Business Expo on 16th July at the Hilton Hotel on Deansgate. If you are attending, pop along to see them – they will be handing out goody bags to visitors of the stand and helping to educate garages and motorists about the great work we are doing at TRUST MY GARAGE.

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Are women getting better at maintaining their cars?

The female sex has always been renowned for the upkeep of their physical appearance with hairdressers, salons, and female gyms on the corner of every street. So we want to find out if women are taking the same approach with their vehicles as recent research from the DVLA shows female ownership of cars has risen by 70% since 1994.
Back in 2010 UK based e-commerce company (formerly found that in general women are not as good as men when it comes to performing basic car maintenance tasks.

We want to find out if these figures have changed in the past three years.

What did the 2010 survey find?

tmg12% of women never check their car’s oil level compared to under 8% of men

We say: “Failing to do this can lead to engine failure and ultimately a HUGE repair bill. If you haven’t checked your oil levels recently and think this may be causing problems to your engine, visit a TMG member in your local area. The more you frequently you check your oil, the more likely it is that you will identify a problem early.”

tmgTwice as many women (14%) as men (7%) admitted to never checking their tyre pressures

We say: “Neglecting your tyre pressures means you could be risking your own life as well as your passengers, and increasing fuel consumption. If it’s just a case of not being aware of whether the pressure is correct you can always consult a trusted professional through Trust My Garage and they will assist you in ensuring your tyres are road safe.”

tmg20% of women said they have NEVER checked the tyre tread-depth

We say: “Not doing this could mean that your car is unsafe on the road, and actually ILLEGAL. TMG members give an honest account about how safe your tyres are!”

If you agree or disagree with these figures, we are inviting you to answer our poll so that we can see whether women are becoming more pro-active with regard to the health and maintenance of their cars, as demand from the female market for car purchasing and maintenance remains firm.