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Blood, sweat, tears and cake as we prove there’s one of us near you

After an incredibly eventful four days full of blood, sweat, tears and cake, we are all still just about recovering from our Charity Challenge! It was hard work, challenging, emotionally draining, but most of all, it was absolutely fantastic to see so many of our members donating generously to a worthwhile cause, with automotive charity BEN receiving a whopping £8,500.


For those of you who like gravy on your chips, look away now. We can officially announce that the winner of the challenge was … *drum roll please*… the Southern Softies! They just about edged their geographical rivals with 48 visits of members to 40, but it went right down to the wire as both teams went at it hammer and tongs to claim the much coveted winner’s place.

Logistical thinking and military precision were required as the two teams plotted their path to victory, there was just slightly more Southern strategy than Northern nous. The two sides can be massively proud of their immense efforts, and even though the Northern Numpties lost, they can sit safe in the knowledge that their bold efforts have helped raise such a fantastic amount.

The drive was a lot of fun for everyone involved and thanks to the garage finder on the Trust My Garage website both teams easily managed to navigate their way around the width and breadth of the country, visiting an impressive 88 Trust My Garage members in total. The reason that we used this method as a way of mapping the routes was to prove that wherever you are in the UK, there is a Trust My Garage member nearby who can help, and you can find them through our website.

All of the £8,500 raised from the Charity Drive will go to BEN. The charity has been helping those who have worked in the automotive industry, and their dependents, since 1905, providing invaluable financial, emotional and physical support.

On top of that, the two Volvos supplied to us by a vehicle recycling specialist were sold on after the event and added a further £396 to the total.

We’d like to express our gratitude to everyone who supported the charity drive and followed our Twitter and Facebook updates. Now you know that our online garage finder really does work and when we say there’s one of us near you, we really mean it!

For more information on the work that BEN does, head to their website, and check out some of the photos from the Charity Drive on our Facebook page.

To find your nearest Trust My Garage member, head here!

Wherever you are in the UK there’s a Trust My Garage member nearby – in April we’ll prove it!

At Trust My Garage we’re incredibly proud of our ever-growing list of members, and our charity challenge in April gives us the perfect opportunity to show it off, as well as raising money for a great cause!

tmg charity challenge new

So, what exactly is the charity challenge? Well, we’re going to set up two Trust My Garage teams which, over the course of four days, will compete (in a friendly nature, of course) against each other, travelling around the country in order to visit the most TMG members in the UK. To add a bit of spice into the equation, the two teams will be fighting for geographical bragging rights, with the ‘Northern Numpties’ squaring up against the ‘Southern Softies’. After all, we all know there aren’t many other things that get the British public as excited as the old North v South rivalry!

The charity contest will kick off in Rugby, in the impartial Midlands, and the two teams will navigate their way around the UK using just the TMG website as a route planner. With over 2,000 members to choose from the teams will be spoiled for choice, but it’ll require military precision and logistical thinking from the winner as they try and visit as many garages as possible.

Each garage that gets visited will be asked to donate funds for leading automotive charity BEN. The charity has been helping those who have worked in the automotive industry, and their dependents, since 1905, providing invaluable financial, emotional and physical support.

What does this mean for you?

It means that wherever you are in the UK, there is an independent garage you can trust nearby – and we are going to prove it! We are so confident that you can quickly and easily find a local garage you can trust using just our website, we are going to do it ourselves! With over 2,000 Trust My Garage members throughout the country, you can find a local trusted garage whether you are lost in Luton, stranded in Swindon or AWOL in Accrington.

You can keep up-to-date with all the action by following the #TMGcharitychallenge hashtag on Twitter, with both teams posting real-time updates on their location, how they’re finding the challenge and of course, any problems they’re encountering…

Once the four days of intense travelling and fundraising is over the money will be officially donated to BEN, and the winner and loser from the great North v South debate will finally be revealed!

For more information on the invaluable work BEN does, head to the charity’s website.