100 years of motoring innovation and we’re still well equipped to care for your car

When was the last time you sat in your car and took a moment to truly appreciate just how incredible the machine that you’re driving really is? Because of the frantic nature of 21st century life it’s all too easy to take your vehicle for granted, but when you consider all of the technological innovations that are in it, with each square inch containing an individual miraculous engineering breakthrough, it’s clear to see that cars are unimaginably brilliant objects.

Take your engine for example, which uses breakthroughs that hark all the way back to the late 1600s when practical French scientist Denis Papin started work on a mechanical alternative to animals pulling carriages. Seemingly impossibly invented, designed and built, the modern world simply wouldn’t revolve without engines. You might simply see your car as something that gets you from A to B, but what you’re driving around in is undeniably one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind.

The fascinating innovations that have occurred in the automotive world are truly mind blowing, and they mean our driving experiences are far safer and more enjoyable. Quite naturally, the way that we maintain, service and repair our cars has significantly changed as they have become more sophisticated and powerful. However, you can rest assured that all of our members are fully trained to stay on top of these developments, and this training is an ongoing process.

We recently successfully delivered hybrid vehicle awareness training to over 1,200 of our members. Hybrid vehicles use more than one power source, usually combining an internal combustion engine and one or more electric motors, and the first really popular one, the Toyota Prius, was introduced as long ago as 1997.  Many of the servicing tasks on a hybrid vehicle are exactly the same as on any other vehicle – but the nature of high voltage systems means that there are some important safety issues to be aware of. That’s why we delivered the training to our technicians, to ensure that our members are able to service and repair hybrids, meaning you can enjoy the numerous benefits of independent servicing, whatever make and model vehicle you drive.

The same applies to electric cars, which actually date as far back as the mid-1800s and yet again it was a Frenchman who was at the forefront of that technology! Since then they’ve come a long way and there are still continual advancements being made. That’s why we’re passionate about ensuring our members constantly undergo training so they can keep ahead of these innovations. In fact, we’re so dedicated to our training programmes that our technicians are just as skilled as main dealers to service and repair your car, and often at a more affordable price too!

Take a look at our infographic below which looks at some of the most important automotive innovations of the last one hundred years that have changed the way you drive and the way we service and repair vehicles. The most important of them all? In our unbiased eyes, it happened in 2010! Comment below and tell us your favourite.


About trustmygarage

TRUST MY GARAGE (TMG) is a scheme developed for independent garages by the Independent Garage Association (IGA) to recognise the high standards of independent garages throughout the UK.

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