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Why the MOT debate isn’t about price, but regular servicing

You will probably have seen our recent blog post explaining why the cheapest MOT isn’t always the best. It’s a popular consumer issue at the moment and many motorists are looking for the best deal, unaware that they might not always be getting the best service. There are 20,000 MOT stations in the UK and 18,000 of those are at independent garages. So we turned to one of our members and asked them where they stand on the popular topic of MOTs.

CavalieroutsideAll independent garages can give a qualified opinion on the MOT but Cavalier Garage, in Manchester has been carrying out high quality MOTs for over twenty years so their views are based on considerable experience and are worth listening to. Owner Rob Harris is a qualified MOT tester and has two other MOT testers on his team. He explains what he had to do to in order to operate a garage business that was qualified and trusted to perform the MOT test.

Becoming certified for MOT testing is quite a rigorous process. You have to apply in principle to VOSA with in-depth plans of your workshop, indicating where your testing bay will be and the facilities you have available for it. Then an enforcement officer comes out and has a look at your workshop. If they are happy that you have the facilities for MOT testing then they will accept your application in principle. It’s then up to you to install the necessary high quality equipment for MOT testing in the workshop.

After that you have to ensure that you have staff who are authorised MOT testers. They need the training and the certificates to achieve this and you have to send them for re-training regularly to ensure they are always up-to-date in their skillset. You also need someone in charge of quality control and administration. Then, VOSA need to approve your MOT testing bay and your MOT testers and you are told to audit your MOT testers’ quality every two months. It’s a long process that is on-going and it’s a big investment.”

We mentioned before that a garage providing an MOT needs to cover the costs associated with providing it and therefore often can’t afford to offer MOTs at an unrealistic or headline-grabbing price. This does mean, though, that when you have an MOT performed at one of our member garage you receive a proper job, and will be charged fairly only for parts that need to be replaced.

For Cavalier Garages, price is not so much an issue as the fact that motorists need to treat the MOT as a test of their vehicle’s road safety and environmental standards. It’s not the same as having a vehicle serviced and doesn’t check its general mechanical condition.

Cavalier1Rob explains: “An MOT and a service are two entirely different things. When was the last time you saw someone pull up on the hard shoulder of a motorway with breakdown and they are baffled as to how it happened because their car passed its MOT the day before? It’s not because it was missed in the MOT but because how well the car runs is not part of a standard MOT test (other than testing for emissions).

“It’s common sense. A car is such a big investment so why wouldn’t you want to have it serviced regularly to ensure it was always performing safely and correctly? It makes a lot more sense than relying on an annual MOT to tell you if there’s something wrong with your car, when the MOT test is not designed to do that.

We are always telling motorists that there are some checks they can carry out on their car themselves, in between their regular services, to ensure that their car remains safe on the road. Remembering the acronym WARM and checking your “Wipers, Anti-freeze, tyres (Rubber) and having regular Maintenance in winter can keep your car safe in potentially dangerous conditions. We always recommend you frequently check your petrol, oil and lights too. Regular checks will help keep your car in top condition, but there is absolutely no alternative to regular servicing, certainly not the annual MOT test!”

If you live in Stretford, Manchester, make sure you visit Cavalier Garages for regular servicing. If you don’t live in Stretford but want to find a garage you can trust, enter your postcode in our postcode finder and we will pinpoint your nearest Trust My Garage member. Don’t forget you can now leave feedback on our website too!

It’s Road Safety Week!

It’s Road Safety Week!


People may already be incessantly piping on about Christmas but there’s an even more important event taking place beforehand, and that’s Road Safety Week.

Road Safety Week (RSW), an established week in the UK calendar, is designed to ensure both drivers and pedestrians stay as safe as possible.

Set up by Brake in 1997, the week has been organised by the charity ever since. This year it runs from the 18th to the 24th, just as the dark nights have started to draw in.

We are offering advice to motorists on how to stay safe on the roads – not just during Road Safety Week, but all year round.

Slow down

In 2011, 3,267 people were killed or seriously injured in crashed where speed was a factor. You need to be aware of the speed limit of the area you’re driving in but remember that the limit is the absolute maximum, not a number to aim for. It also doesn’t mean that it’s safe to drive at or near the speed limit in all conditions, such as when it’s raining, icy or snowy.

Don’t drive while intoxicated through drink or drugs

There were 230 deaths in 2011 as a result of drink driving, a total that amounts to 12% of all road casualties. The way alcohol affects you depends on a number of factors including body weight, stress, metabolism etc. so it’s safer to simply not drink and drive at all.

Driving when under the influence of drugs is also incredibly dangerous to the driver, passengers and pedestrians. Reaction times can be reduced whilst fatigue will kick in once the drug starts to wear off. Remember it’s not just illegal drugs that have an effect on the human body.  Prescription medication can also affect your driving ability, so always check with your GP whether it is safe to continue driving when you are taking prescribed drugs.

Tune in RSW website banner

Get Strapped In

Seatbelts offer protection should you crash, so it’s vital you strap up as soon as you get in the car. Not wearing a seatbelt can be fatal, even at low speeds.  Always check that your passengers are belted up too, and that young children or infants have the correct child safety seats and that they are strapped in correctly.

Don’t be distracted by mobile phones and other devices

You can become easily distracted when using your mobile phone, whether it is to text someone or if you’re having a conversation with them. Your concentration and focus need to be firmly on the road. With reaction times for drivers using a mobile phone 50% slower than normal drivers, it’s not surprising that you’re four more times likely to crash if using a phone.  It is illegal to use a hand held mobile phone while driving, and the general advice is not to use a phone at all in the car because if the police think you’re distracted and not in control of your vehicle you could still get stopped and penalised even if it is hands-free.


Get plenty of sleep

Twenty per cent of accidents on trunk roads and motorways are sleep-related so before you set off on a long journey make sure you get plenty of rest. If you feel yourself starting to become tired then pull over into a safe location and take a quick nap, or get out of the car for a while and take some fresh air to help wake you up. Drinking a cup of coffee will also help you to be more alert.

How I can make sure my vehicle is safe?

Whilst you can carry out a number of checks yourself, including the oil and battery levels, the importance of getting your vehicle serviced cannot be stressed enough.

When your vehicle is being driven there are thousands of parts being used, being exposed to heat and wear and tear.

A simple service at a local Trust My Garage (TMG) member can make sure your vehicle is fit for driving.

What can your company do to help?

There’s so much more your company can do to promote the message of road safety.

Put posters up in reception areas and on noticeboards to get the message across to employees, parents, customers or passers-by.

Fun-filled fundraising! Hold a coffee morning, collection or bake sale to raise vital funds for Brake. You can also host a road safety quiz in your workplace based on the Highway Code, asking for donations from participants in aid of Brake in the process.

Follow Brake on Facebook or Twitter for regular updates. The twitter hashtag is #RSW13. You can also promote RSW on your website, social media and newsletter.

Promote text giving at your event or through your communications. People can donate to Brake by texting ROAD13 and the amount (e.g. ‘ROAD13 £5’) to 70070.

If you’re running an event or fundraiser then invite local media. It’s a really effective way to promote the cause and spread life-saving messages.

For even more information head to


Where is my local Trust My Garage member?

To locate your nearest Trust My Garage member and take advantage of quality service at an affordable price, simply log on to and type in your postcode to see a list of Trust My Garage members in your local area. Members of Trust My Garage are true professionals – local independent businesses which are part of the community. Trust My Garage is the truly independent scheme for independent garages.

Have you found a garage you can trust?

As part of the Trust My Garage customer charter we make sure all our garages are trusted to work to high standards, use up to date technical information, techniques and tooling in every service, and achieve key industry standards set by the RMI.  We want to make sure that whenever you visit one of our member garages, you receive a service so honest, professional and friendly that you go back again and again for your services, general maintenance and repairs.

Cleevely017The experience that you have at our garages is of the utmost importance to us and the reason we are working to raise standards in the independent garage industry is for your benefit. That’s why we recently applied to make Trust My Garage a government backed code, and that’s why we have just introduced consumer feedback to our website.

The next time you enter your postcode in our garage finder, you will be given the opportunity to review your local Trust My Garage member. Your feedback will be moderated by us for security purposes and be displayed on the website, in that garage’s particular profile. This means that other motorists looking to use one of our members will get a good understanding of the quality of service they can expect to receive. In the rare occasion that a genuine complaint is made against one of our members, we will take action to investigate the issue and ensure that it’s resolved quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction.

It’s our way of giving you a voice and letting you have your say on our member garages. It’s also important to us that members receive good support from Trust My Garage, which not only benefits the garage industry as a whole, it also means members have a voice when it comes to raising standards .

When you have a great service from one of our members we want you to tell everyone just how well you have been looked after and if your experience isn’t so good, we want to do something about it.

If you have had a really good experience from one of our member garages there are other ways you can say thank you. Nominations are now open for the Top Technician Awards 2014 and you can vote for your favourite Trust My Garage member here. Every year garage technicians from across the country battle it out in a bid to be crowned the UK’s Top Technician. The competition was born back in 2002 to champion the best technical repairers off the back of national press querying the level of technical knowledge and practical skills needed at garage to ensure you are kept safe in your vehicles.

We have often had member garages in the running for the competition, nominated by members of the public. Most recently we told you about our member Cleevely Motors, which had its manager Matt Cleevely named as one of the top 24 technicians in the UK, from over 650 nominees.

Matt was nominated by his customers and had to complete a demanding test of his technical abilities. It included questions about repairing electrics in cars, using new technologies in the workshop and how he goes about making repairs on old and modern vehicles. His 16 years of garage experience carried him through and helped him to become named one of the technicians in the UK.

This year the competition is looking for more top technicians and wants you to nominate your local garage. If you use a Trust My Garage member for your servicing and repairs, and are delighted with the service you receive, consider nominating them for this national award. And don’t forget to submit your own feedback on them on the Trust My Garage website. After all, we want to work with you to improve standards in the independent garage industry.

We are backed by 100 years of motoring knowledge

If you are following us on our social media platforms you might have noticed our #100for100 hashtag and be wondering what it is all about. It’s all part of a wider celebration that we are having this year to mark the 100th anniversary of the Retail Motor Industry Federation. Still confused? Allow us to explain…..

The Retail Motor Industry Federation is a leading automotive trade body in the UK, representing garages, bodyshops, motorcycle dealers and number plate dealers who provide sales and services to motorists and businesses across the UK. What’s this got to do with you? Well, without going into too much detail, within the Retail Motor Industry is the Independent Garage Association – the organisation that first launched Trust My Garage three years ago.

This means that our garages, and the services they provide, are backed by one of the oldest automotive trade bodies in the UK. We have 100 years’ of automotive experience behind everything we do. That’s huge! It means that we know the garage trade inside out and when it comes to raising the standards of independent garages, for the benefit of you, the motorist, we know what steps we need to take to make visiting an independent garage a more pleasurable experience.


And already we have signed up over 2,000 independent garages throughout the UK that have the same vision as us – to provide the very best service each and every time. Our recent application for code status reinforces our commitment to you and is an important part of our drive to raise standards across the entire independent garage sector.

One hundred years is a long time and to have this level of backing brings you even greater reassurance when you visit an independent garage for an MOT, service or repair. Just to put into perspective the experience and knowledge of the industry that we are backed by, we have been tweeting 100 things that are 100 years old this year. Get ready for a trip down memory lane as we reveal the full list below:

100. Grand Central Terminal – still one of the busiest train stations in America

99. The Radio Society of Great Britain

98. Crosswords – people started trying to work out number 15 down 100 years ago!

97. Benjamin Britten

96. The British Ecological Society

95. The Chelsea Flower Show – still going strong after 100 years

94. The Aston Martin Lagonda – still serviced by many of our members today

93. It is 100 years since the first car exceeded 100 mph – the Vauxhall 30-98!

92. Moreton Hall School in Shropshire

91. The death of Emily Wilding Davidson – the famous suffragette died 100 years old

90. Nela Pook in Cleveland

89. Rita Conway from Newcastle, much to her own surprise!

88. The Woolworth building – one of the oldest skyscrapers in the US

87. The Apollo theatre in New York

86. Also in New York – the Hotel McAlpin

85. Canberra, the capital of Australia

84. The 1913 Herschell-Spillman Antique Carousel

83. Blue Bunny Ice Cream and Parlor Museum in America

82. The city of Armstrong

81. Indian cinema

80. Bowlers Journal magazine – still a popular sporting publication

79.  The Mini factory – a car that has come a long way over the course of 100 years

78. The very first parcel post deliveries

77. Jack Johnson, world heavyweight boxing champion was on the run from the law 100 years ago

76. The Alva automobile

75. The Ford Motor Company installed its first ever moving assembly line 100 years ago

74. The Tour de France

73. Coventry Transport – still providing a bus service today

72. Barrie Country Club

71. The Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors

70. Washington State Park

69. Seminole Country Club in America

68. The science museum in London

67. Richard Nixon – the famous US president was born 100 years ago. His memory still lives on

66. Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring

65. King’s College Hospital in Southwark

64. The bra! The first modern brassiere to receive a patent was invented in 1913

63. Windscreen wipers – they were made standard on all motor cars in 1913

62. Geological time scale – the first geologic time scale was proposed 100 years ago

61. Brillo pads – You’ll find no stains on our member garages!

60. Stainless steel

59. Home rule for Ireland – accepted by the British House of Commons 100 years ago

58. The first four engine aircraft was built and flown in 1913

57. Hellmann’s mayonnaise. Join in with them on Twitter using #Hellmanns100

56. Income tax in America – it was first introduced to the US in 1913

55. T-shirts – the first ever basic white t-shirt was first made available to those in the US Navy in 1013

54. Southend High School for Girls

53. Hertford College’s Bridge of Sighs in Oxford

52. Thomas Moore Toymaster store in Exeter

51. British educational psychology – the subject was first taught in London in 1913

50. Twickenham film studios

49. The Scotch Whisky Association

48. Vanity Fair magazine

47. 191 British motorists – just ask the Daily Mail

46. Eiji Toyota – the man responsible for shaping the modern day Toyota company, sadly died last month

45. The art-deco Scala cinema in Nottingham

44. Shooting rifle the Eddystone M1917

43. Charlie Chaplin’s film career – he first signed a film contract 100 years ago

42. Prada – the first dress shop opened in 1913

41. Picasso – the famous artist first displayed his work in an exhibition in New York 100 years ago

40. The Dublin Lockout – trams stopped in Dublin 100 years ago as staff went on strike requesting more money

39. Steak and stout pie – the popular favourite was first made in Cornwall 100 years ago

38. Film classification started in 1913 with the British Board of Film Censors starting up

37. The Uruguayan Air Force

36. The American Soccer Federation

35. Fertiliser – it was first produced in Germany in 1913

34. The Federal Reserve System is created as the central banking system of America

33. Camel cigarettes

32. HMS Queen Elizabeth – the famous oil-fired battleship was created in 1913. It was scrapped in 1948

31. The German Life Saving Society

30. The Lincoln Highway in America

29. Albanian independence

28. Unemployment and maternity benefits – they were first introduced in 1913!

27. Birmingham Repertory Theatre

26. Highbury – the famous previous home of Arsenal Football Club was constructed in 1913

25. Potato crisps – they were first manufactured commercially by Carter’s Crisps of London 100 years ago.

24. Sons and Lovers – the first great novel from DH Lawrence

23. Elevators – the first public elevator opened in 1913

22. The Michelin guide to the British Isles

21. Avant Garde – the first Avant Garde art show opened in America 100 years ago

20. The Palace Theatre on Broadway

19. China’s first ever parliament

18. The zip – first patented in 1913

17. Peace Palace in the Netherlands

16. PSV Eindhoven football club

15. Loop the loop – the very first airplane looped the loop 100 years ago

14. Movie serials – the very first was ‘The Adventures of Kathlyn’. Today, drama serials are popular on television all over the world

13. The demountable tire carrying rim – a major invention in the tyre industry

12. National Institute of Arts and Letters in America

11. Cracker Jack box prizes – the popular American snack introduced prizes in its packaging 100 years ago

10. Mapperley Plains Primary School in Nottingham

9. The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

8. The US Presidential public speech

7. British cinematographer Douglas Slocombe – who is still alive today!

6. The Pygmy hippopotamus – the animal was first identified in 1913!

5. The Harvard University Press

4. Cheadle Primary School in Staffordshire

3. Bromsgrove Unionist Group in the West Midlands

2. Parachutes

1. The Retail Motor Industry Federation

Keep your car WARM this winter with the help of a local trusted garage

It’s that time of year again. The nights draw in earlier with each passing day, you wake up in darkness and going outside without your big coat is tantamount to ordering your own death wish. This is the time of year when you appreciate you car the most, because let’s face it, can you imagine having to queue up at a rainy bus stop on a bitterly cold morning? No, thought not.

Whilst your levels of affection towards your car may raise, they definitely don’t feel the same love from nature, with the cold weather finding various ways to inflict damage on them. Whilst we’re all aware that regular checks are vital, very few of us actually carry them out.

In fact, there are statistics to back that statement up. A Trust My Garage survey carried out earlier this year found that a whopping 84% of motorists neglect to carry out basic, regular checks on their vehicles.

Admittedly it’s tough; you’ve come back from a long hard day of work, it’s pitch black outside and all you want to do is sit in front of the TV and hibernate until the morning. However, by failing to carry out basic checks, like oil and engine coolant levels, you’re putting your car massively a risk, resulting in costly repairs or even the inconvenience of having no car at all, and that’ll mean having to get that bus to and from work (shudder).

Don’t worry though, because simply by following our simple advice you can ensure you keep your car WARM this winter.

So what does WARM mean? Well you’ve noticed it’s capitalised and therefore it must be an acronym, and as with the very best acronyms it reads as a word that’s relevant, like Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). WARM is an incredibly simple acronym that will help you give your car all the required love it desperately yearns for during the winter months.

WARM Picture

W is for WIPERS

We all know the importance of windscreen wipers as without them your visibility can often be reduced to zero, especially during those drives where the rain stubbornly refuses to pass. Your wipers take a lot of flack in order for you to be able to see the road in front of you, with the cold weather causing them to crack and split, so you regularly need to make sure that they’re in good condition.

If you notice your wipers aren’t clearing the rain away properly or if they’re leaving smears then you need to start thinking about replacing them. Reduced visibility in bad weather will seriously jeopardise your safety – and for just a few pounds you can get them easily and quickly replaced.


Antifreeze is a component of most, but not all, engine coolants. If you want your engine to work properly then you need to have the right concentration of coolant. Coolant levels should be regularly checked. If you have ever topped up the system with plain water then the anti freeze will have become diluted.

Make sure that once week you have a quick check of the water coolant reservoir to ensure the liquid inside is at maximum level. If you notice it drop then there could be a leak in the system, something you really want to avoid.

Because all cars are different make sure you use the right type of antifreeze by checking your handbook or consulting your local Trust My Garage member.

R is for RUBBER

There are two important things to keep in mind regarding your tyres: whether they have the right amount of tread and whether they’re correctly inflated.

Driving on wet and icy roads is challenging even for a seasoned driver. Over or under-inflation can affect steering and braking, and if the tread on your tyres isn’t at least 1.6mm-the legal requirement for cars and light vans- then they’re going to struggle and put you and other drivers at risk. Having sufficient tread will help prevent skidding and dreaded aquaplaning, when your car loses traction and is lifted by the water on the road. Sound scary? It is, terrifyingly so, so check your tyres!

For more information on checking your tyres and the things you can do yourself, visit the Tyresafe website here.


Cars are not only expensive pieces of equipment but yours most likely holds an important place in your heart, like a metallic member of your extended family. Therefore it makes sense to look after it by carrying out a few basic checks every week and regularly getting it serviced at your trusted dealer. Whilst it may be a bit of a chore, these easy tips will not only keep you safe, but also increase the longevity of your motor, saving you money in the long run.

How else can I keep my car WARM?

A simple service from a local Trust My Garage (TMG) member can ensure that your vehicle is safe and fit for driving. TMG members have access to technical information and expertise to ensure your car remains roadworthy in the harsh winter wonderland that will soon envelope us.

Where is my local Trust My Garage Member?

To locate your nearest Trust My Garage member and take advantage of quality service at an affordable price, simply log onto and type in your postcode to see a list of Trust My Garage members in your area. Members of Trust My Garage are true professionals – local independent businesses which are part of your community. Trust My Garage is the truly independent scheme for independent garages.



Get a grip driving in icy conditions

Winter is well and truly upon us, and as the early nights draw in so does the weather, which never seems to fail to grind the UK’s roads to a halt.

Snow, rain and freezing temperatures combine to make getting from A to B about as challenging as taking part in a World Rally Championship race.

This winter is expected to break records for snowfall, with forecasters claiming it’s likely to be the worst winter for more than 100 years.   And in the light of this grim news, we’re offering our five top tips to stay safe on the roads when driving in snowy and icy conditions.

5. Check your tyres. You need to make sure your tread depth and tyre pressures are right for winter motoring. At least 3mm of tread is correct for winter driving and certainly nothing less than 2mm. Reducing tyre pressures to get more grip on the road doesn’t work, and in fact reduces stability. If grip is a problem, you might want to consider using winter tyres. They have a higher silica content in the tread which prevents them from hardening at lower temperatures; providing you with greater grip on the roads. For more information about checking tyres and the things you can do yourself, visit the Tyresafe website here.

Driving in snow and ice4. What is your vision like? Make sure your windscreen and roof are completely clear of snow as you will need as much visibility as you can get with driving conditions becoming darker over winter. Make sure all your bulbs are working correctly and that the lenses are clean. Remember that your number plates need to be legible too – you risk a heavy fine if they can’t be seen by other motorists and pedestrians.

3. Energise battery levels. Lights, heaters and wipers put high demands on your car battery. Batteries rarely last longer than five years anyway, but their life will be shortened if you use your car mainly for dark rush-hour trips. Avoid running electrical systems longer than necessary, turn off non-essential electrical loads like heaters and wipers when you don’t need them.

2. Stay calm. Winter driving conditions can be treacherous. Reduce your speed when it is icy and prepare for your journey well in advance. Remain calm in your car and stay alert for signs of danger, which could cause you to slow down or brake. Make sure you are wearing comfortable, dry shoes for driving, and try to stick to main roads as much as you can as side roads won’t always have been gritted in icy weather.

1. Get your car serviced at a Trust My Garage member. The best way to make sure your car is prepared for winter conditions is with a winter service at a Trust My Garage member. There are things you can do yourself but to be sure we always recommend you take your car to your nearest trusted independent garage and let the experts have a look over it. Braking in particular can become a real issue when roads are icy or snow-covered so it is imperative you have your brakes looked at by a professional, and whilst you can roughly gauge your tyre tread depth yourself with the old coin trick, it is far safer to trust a professional.

For the ultimate peace of mind when driving this winter, find a garage you can trust for an honest and professional winter service. Just put your postcode in our garage finder and we will show you where your nearest Trust My Garage members can be found.

In our garages, everyone is treated like a celebrity

Every independent garage that signs up to our scheme pledges to give you the very best customer service.

We have almost 2,000 members now, and they all take pride in ensuring you go home happy; whether you visit them to get your vehicle serviced, repaired, or for an MOT.

Ridgeway1And there is no finer example of this than what the team at Ridgeway Garage, in Enfield, are doing. They have recently joined Trust My Garage, reflecting the fact that they have been providing excellent customer service for almost 40 years. The garage even lists celebrities such as actresses Michelle Ryan and Linda Lusardi, cricketer Phil Tufnell, comedian Ed Ray and footballers Ray Clemence and Paul Furlong amongst its growing clientele.

The owner of Ridgeway Garage, Gary Needham, said that providing fantastic customer service was ingrained in him from an early age. “I pride myself in treating all of my customers the way I would want to be treated,” he said. “My team and I open doors for them, stand up when they come in and when speaking to them and not only will we offer to pick up their cars from their house for free, we will also give them lifts home – and sometimes even to the shops! We don’t fleece, or rip off, any of our customers.

This is the philosophy of every one of our member garages. This is enshrined in our Customer Charter, which is our commitment to providing you with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

This means that we will:

1)      Provide you with a fixed quote or an estimate, both inclusive of parts, labour and VAT

2)      Only charge you for work completed and parts supplied and fitted

3)      Follow your vehicle’s service schedule

4)      Work to high standards and continue to achieve the key industry standards set by the RMI

5)      Explain things clearly and treat you and your vehicle with respect

6)      Use up-to-date technical information, techniques and tooling

7)      Comply with the RMI ‘Code of Practice for Service & Repair’

Ridgeway2Ridgeway Garage is showing that TMG members treat everyone as a celebrity when they walk through their doors.

It doesn’t matter who you are, whether you are a high-flying celebrity or the man on the Clapham omnibus, you will all be treated to the same highest standards.

Gary added: “We pride ourselves on our ability to treat everyone the same and with the courtesy they deserve.  Whether our customers are having a tyre pumped up with air and we don’t charge them, or if they are having an engine fitted to their car – it doesn’t matter to how they are treated. That is something that is instilled in all of the staff here.”

Gary said that some of his celebrity clients have given him signed photographs of themselves, which he proudly displays in the garage’s reception area.

We are constantly getting comments and open-mouthed looks as the customers look at them for the first time,” he said. “We are delighted to be members of TMG because we believe in the good old-fashioned values of honesty, trustworthiness and getting satisfaction from helping people.”

Do you know where your nearest Trust My Garage is? If not, don’t waste another second and type in your postcode in our garage finder to find quality service you just can’t beat.