Are men being overtaken when it comes to car maintenance?

Our latest poll was aimed at finding out how good men are at carrying out basic car maintenance tasks and although results show they are inching ahead of women, we are starting to see women creeping up in the outside lane as they take a more proactive approach to learning about their cars.

Over the past month we have polled 100 male and 100 female drivers in the UK to see how often you are checking your oil levels, engine coolant, tyre tread depth and tyre pressure and can officially reveal…

underbonnet1Too many motorists are leaving basic car maintenance checks too late!

What do the stats show?
• ¼ of drivers are leaving it as late as six months before they open the bonnet
• 84% of motorists are putting themselves at risk on the road by not checking the basic components of their cars regularly
• 90% of respondents state that they wait until later than the recommended time frame of one week to check their oil levels
• A staggering 53% of drivers never check their engine coolant

12% of men check their engine coolant levels once a week compared to just 5% of female drivers
17% of male drivers stating that they check their tyre tread depth once a month, as recommended, compared with just 5% of female drivers
Men are four times more likely to check their tyre pressure regularly than women
12% of men check their oil levels every week compared to just 5% of women

What should be happening?

Engine coolant… We recommend that you check your engine coolant once a week. We experienced a very hot summer and this can be particularly dangerous if coolant is left at a low level . Failure to keep engine coolant levels topped up can result in leaks and overheating of a vehicle, which is exacerbated in warmer weather. This can lead to costly damage like a blown head gasket.

Tyre tread depth… We advise that you check your tread depth at least once month to minimise the risk of a blow out or puncture. Remember the legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm.

Oil levels… You should at least be glancing at your oil levels on a weekly basis. If they do go down below the “low” mark, you could be faced with a damaged engine and potentially a costly repair!

Tyre pressures… Have a visual check of your pressures on a daily bases for any obvious signs of damage, HOWEVER it can already have lost a significant amount of pressure before the naked eye can tell so make sure you check them properly on a fortnightly basis.

What do our garages say?
Once we got the results in we decided to ask some of our members whether this is truly reflected in their customer’s attitudes towards their cars.

Motor Marque in Leeds is one TRUST MY GARAGE member that runs courses for drivers teaching them about the basic maintenance of their cars.

This is what Rae Ellis from Motor Marque has to say…

MotorMarquetraining1We originally launched our workshops in 2008 for women only and it was really popular, so we decided to try a general one for both genders, but only women turned up!

“We market it around our local area with posters and word of mouth, and although we have full attendance, only women turn up. I think that there is a stigma attached to cars that men should already know everything as it’s such a male dominated industry.

“A lot of work goes into the preparation of the workshops and we always have a bigger uptake in winter which is probably because people tend to use their cars a lot more due to the cold weather. We make sure the courses are not too complicated for visitors. It’s all about how to carry out basic maintenance tasks and I think men just have this preconception that they don’t need to be taught these things. However as technology develops there are more and more things we can all learn about our cars that will help them to last longer.

“Since starting the courses five years ago we have seen a significant increase in female customers. I think women want to know more about the basics of cars and they are getting better because they don’t want to be baffled by it all.

Motor Marque External PhotoI think we are seeing this influx of women taking a more hands on approach to car maintenance as cars are getting more expensive to run and maintain so they are doing it from a cost perspective. We teach our customers that if they look at the small things little and often then they are less likely to incur expensive repairs when they do choose to go for a service or MOT, and at the moment the women are giving the men a run for their money in this area!”

Motor Marque is based in Leeds and offers state-of-the art premises based in an easy to find location in North Leeds. It provides a comprehensive range of services aimed at making the care and maintenance of your car or motor vehicle straightforward and simple.

To find your local Trust My Garage member, enter your postcode here.

About trustmygarage

TRUST MY GARAGE (TMG) is a scheme developed for independent garages by the Independent Garage Association (IGA) to recognise the high standards of independent garages throughout the UK.

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