Are women getting better at maintaining their cars?

The female sex has always been renowned for the upkeep of their physical appearance with hairdressers, salons, and female gyms on the corner of every street. So we want to find out if women are taking the same approach with their vehicles as recent research from the DVLA shows female ownership of cars has risen by 70% since 1994.
Back in 2010 UK based e-commerce company (formerly found that in general women are not as good as men when it comes to performing basic car maintenance tasks.

We want to find out if these figures have changed in the past three years.

What did the 2010 survey find?

tmg12% of women never check their car’s oil level compared to under 8% of men

We say: “Failing to do this can lead to engine failure and ultimately a HUGE repair bill. If you haven’t checked your oil levels recently and think this may be causing problems to your engine, visit a TMG member in your local area. The more you frequently you check your oil, the more likely it is that you will identify a problem early.”

tmgTwice as many women (14%) as men (7%) admitted to never checking their tyre pressures

We say: “Neglecting your tyre pressures means you could be risking your own life as well as your passengers, and increasing fuel consumption. If it’s just a case of not being aware of whether the pressure is correct you can always consult a trusted professional through Trust My Garage and they will assist you in ensuring your tyres are road safe.”

tmg20% of women said they have NEVER checked the tyre tread-depth

We say: “Not doing this could mean that your car is unsafe on the road, and actually ILLEGAL. TMG members give an honest account about how safe your tyres are!”

If you agree or disagree with these figures, we are inviting you to answer our poll so that we can see whether women are becoming more pro-active with regard to the health and maintenance of their cars, as demand from the female market for car purchasing and maintenance remains firm.


About trustmygarage

TRUST MY GARAGE (TMG) is a scheme developed for independent garages by the Independent Garage Association (IGA) to recognise the high standards of independent garages throughout the UK.

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